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Assyrian Language Classes
Assyrian American Society of Las Vegas is Introducing

Assyrian Language classes

Teach basic Assyrian language, and create interest in this language
Teach and promote Bet-Nahrain heritage and culture

For who: For children and adults

When:  To be determined

Location:  Classes will be held at Millennium Realty,  4970 South Arville, Suite 108,
Las Vegas, NV 89118 (near Tropicana and Arville, phone #492-9500)

Time: To be determined

Price: Free
Books will be provided

Teacher:  We are proud Evelyn Odisho and Emanuel Babian have volunteered to teach these classes

How to Register: You can call Evelyn Odisho directly at 450-3853 or 234-9091, or fill out the form below and mail to:  
9101 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 105-D27
Las Vegas, NV 89117


Name of Student (s): ______________________________________________________

If Student is a minor, name of Parents:_________________________________________


Phone Number and email if available:_________________________________________

Day and time of the week and best suit you to attend these classes:__________________