Educational and Charitable Function

The charitable function of AASLV has mainly centered in donations made to other nonprofit organizations.  AASLV budget is limited at this time.  However, we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

From educational stand point, AASLV has established an Assyrian book section at the West Sahara Library.  Donation of Assyrian magazines and publications has been made to the library.  We have issued educational newsletters, and created this website. AASLV has started a project named "Tale", Assyrian Heritage/language/history classes, and language contests is being formed in 2004.  In addition, AASLV sponsors cultural events and invites guest speakers in subject related to Assyrian History or heritage. AASLV established a scholarship program detailed below.

We are looking for volunteers to teach Assyrian traditional dances to young children in our community.  If you can help, please contact us.

If you are an employer and have a job opening, or if you are an unemployed person looking for a position, please e-mail us your job requirements or your resume.  We have had some success in placing qualified job seekers with employers.  We want to help.

Scholarship Program
   Two scholarships, $500 each
   For full time students living in Las Vegas
   Students must be enrolled in a local collage or attending last year of high school (would be applying for a local collage)
   Applicants to provide a letter describing their personal and academic goals, and attach an essay addressing any topic in Assyrian art, history, science, literature, politics, commerce, and sports at any period.
   Applicants to have their official transcript sent to directly to AASLV (see address below) from their respective collage or high school
   Scholarship deadline is 3/1/05
   Applicants to include their name, address, date of birth, and phone number.  Applicants maybe contacted by a AASLV Board member for any possible question.  

Send your letter of request and essay to:
Assyrian American Society of Las Vegas
9101 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 105-D27
Las Vegas, NV 89117