Are you coming to Las Vegas?
If you are planning to move or visit Las Vegas, there are many resources to help you. This page introduces some useful links, and advertisings.

This is the official site for State of Nevada.  There is a lot of information at this site.  For example: If you want to start a business in Nevada, you can click on "Secretary of State", then, "Commercial Recording", and "Corporate Forms" to get the forms necessary to incorporate in Nevada.  "Commercial Recording" also contains an option for listing all applicable fees.

Las Vegas is located in Clark County.  This site provides good information.
Click on "Real property record search" to get information about any real estate property  in Clark County including parcel maps drawings. You can search by parcel number, name of owner or address. Click on "Open Web Info mapper" to view an aerial phonograph of most real estate properties in Clark County.

This is the official Web site for City of Las Vegas.  This site also provides good information for visitors, residents, and those who wish to do business in Las Vegas.

This site has information about relocation, travel, entertainment, dining, news, gaming, wedding, and recreation in Las Vegas. If you are looking for some statistical information go to Relocation, and then click on "Las Vegas Perspective". Another site similar to Las is  These sites are also a good source to obtain value accommodations in Las Vegas.


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