About us
AASLV goals and objectives:
   To encourage friendship, unity, and good citizenship among members.
   To assist the needy, aged and displaced Assyrians, and to assists members and newcomers.
   To educate and make public aware of Assyrian contributions to the foundation of liberty, democracy, science, law, language, and art.
   To preserve and teach history, culture, language, and traditions of Assyrian nation, especially to young Assyrians.
   To keep alive Assyrian heritage, national character, identity, and language.

AASLV is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization with no affiliation with any religious organization or church.

Current Board Members:
Jack Mishel, President
Johny Kako, Vice President
Moshe Zia, Treasurer
Admoon Yalda, Secretary
Janet Hermiz, Director
Sargon Odisho, Director

Past President:
Persi Mishel
Sam Sapper