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Images from opening ceremony of April 24, 2004 Clark County, Las Vegas International Food Festival
Twenty two countries represented their nation's food, dance, craft, and cooking demonstrations.
One of the most popular booths was "Assyria". Below are some more pictures.

Thank you for all who participated and made the Kha-B'Nissan and Christmas fundraising events successful.

Click here to see some pictures.

Result of 2003 Election:
Below are new Board members for AASLV:    
Jack Mishel, Presdient
Moshe Zia, Treasurer
Admoon Yalda, Secretary
Johnny Kako, VP
Janet Hermiz, Director
Additional directors will be appointed by the Board in a future date.      

Assyrian Children, the future of our history
Years ago we (or our parents) immigrated to this country or other western Christian countries for a better life for our children, for the right to practice our Christian ideals, and for the right to speak our views.  In this process we have learned that our children became absorbed into western cultures very quickly. The language is gone first, and then the actual identity is ignored, as many of the new generation do not refer to themselves as Assyrians. The reason for such a quick assimilation into a new society is two folds 1) there is no one common threat to hold us together (as it did in middle east), and 2) the new environment encourages change to become a part of the peer group. The result of this assimilation over time is death of a nation.  If we don't take a pro-active role, years from now our nation maybe known only by its name. Lets all help maintaining our name and heritage that we have so much to be proud of. We are the decedents of a great nation that has given so much to the culture of mankind, and spread Christianity farther than any other people in antiquity. Assyrian children will carry our names, culture, and identity into the future. Their educational advancements, and interest in learning is the key to preservation of our heritage.


Yes, our team got the third place in the N. Las Vegas league,  +30.
Khayet Johny Kako and all the players.  There are 5 Assyrian Players in this team.

From top, left to right: Johny Joseph, Chris Anderson, Jim Pohorsky, Fouzy Sulyman, and Tom Ryan
Bottom left to right: Frank Sulyman, Ben Benjamin, Johny Kako, Jacquem, and Lazaro Ryiz

Dear Members:

If your child is graduating or has achieved any academic standards (such as getting good grades), we will be happy to post there accomplishments and pictures in this page.

Thank you